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Upload your freeform keyboard-layout-editor design, or select a case and keycap profile and modify our provided template. We'll email you a high resolution 3D render of your design in 2 hours or less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does kbrenders do?

If you're designing a mechanical keyboard keycap set, you'll need 3D renders of what the set will look like before it's manufactured. Traditionally, you'd have to send a render artist your final mockups, wait weeks for them to get back to you, and pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege. With kbrenders, you can save money and speed up the process by automatically generating your renders from keyboard-layout-editor designs.

How do I use kbrenders?
  1. Fill in the order form with your email address. We'll only use it to send you your finished render.
  2. If you want to render an existing keyboard-layout-editor design, choose Freeform (No case) in the "Keyboard" dropdown. Otherwise, choose the keyboard case you want to use.
  3. Choose the keycap profile you want to use. SA and DSA are treated as uniform, while GMK uses the standard sculpt for the keyboard you chose (If you chose Freeform, GMK is also treated as uniform).
  4. If you chose a specific keyboard case, modify the provided keyboard-layout-editor template. Don't add keys to the template or modify key positions, or you may get unexpected results. If you chose Freeform, go to your existing layout on keyboard-layout-editor.
  5. Download your JSON file from keyboard-layout-editor and select it in the "Layout JSON" field of the order form. If you're unsure what your legends will look like, you can use kle-render to preview your layout in 2D. See the kle-render FAQ for details on using custom icons and fonts.
  6. Choose a camera angle and background color, then submit your order.
  7. Receive an email with your completed render attached in 2 hours or less.
Help! My layout didn't render correctly!

If you're having problems with a specific layout, email us at [email protected]. Please specify the keyboard, profile, camera angle, and background color you used, and attach the JSON file if possible. In most cases we can fix the render or refund you if that's not possible, though it may take a few days depending on how difficult the fix is.

For general bug reports, questions, and feature requests, message /u/CQ_Cumbers on reddit or CQ_Cumbers on geekhack. Service outages, changelogs, and other information will be posted on the geekhack thead.

Many thanks to RAMA, Mech27, Simen,, pk-elmo, overset, Proto[Typist], and CableCarDesigns for their keyboard models.