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Select a keyboard layout and keycap profile, then modify the provided template to specify custom colors and legends. We'll email you a high resolution 3D render of your design in 2 hours or less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does kbrenders do?

If you're designing a custom set of mechanical keyboard keycaps for a group buy, you'll probably need visualizations of what the set will look like before it is manufactured. In the early stages a tool like kle-render can be very useful, but eventually you may want something more convincing to show. kbrenders can automatically create photorealistic images of keycap set designs within 2 hours. It works by turning customized keyboard-layout-editor templates into blender scenes, which can then be ray-traced overnight on a cloud server. The result is low-cost, high-realism 3D renders that are already being used in set designs like DSA Alchemy and GMK Her.

How do I use kbrenders?

If you want to render with a keyboard case, you should first fill in the form above with the keyboard and keycap profile for your render, then start editing the provided keyboard-layout-editor template. Keep in mind that in this mode, arbitrary key layouts, sculpted row profiles, and custom CSS are not supported and may cause unexpected results. All SA and DSA layouts are treated as uniform row 3, while GMK layouts always use the standard sculpt. What can be modified are colors and legends, which includes most unicode glyphs and character picker symbols. Custom legend images will also work as long as they take up the entire surface of a keycap. If you are unsure how your legends will render, you can preview exactly how they will look using kle-render (kbrenders uses the same code for generating legends). After customizing the template to your satisfaction, download the JSON file from keyboard-layout-editor using the top right button and upload it into the Layout JSON form field. You can also change the camera angle and background color - click on the sample renders for a general idea of what these options do. Freeform allows you to render arbitrary keyboard-layout-editor layouts without a case, but the restrictions on sculpted row profiles and custom CSS still apply. Furthermore, while all renders with a case should complete within two hours, freeform renders may take much longer, depending on how large and complex your layout is.

What if my layout doesn't render correctly?

If you are having problems with a specific render, you can email me at [email protected] Please attach the JSON file and other settings used in your order - I need them to be able to help you. In most cases I can redo the render or refund you if the original result was not satisfactory, though this is a hobby for me so it may take a few days before I can respond. In my experience, the most common reason for incorrect renders is using a different keyboard-layout-editor layout than the template, so it may be worth it to double check that you haven't changed any key sizes or locations before submitting. For general bug reports, questions, and feature requests you can also message me on reddit as /u/CQ_Cumbers or on geekhack as CQ_Cumbers. Service outages, changelogs, and other information will be posted on the geekhack thead.

Many thanks to RAMA, Mech27, Simen, and for their keyboard models.

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